Breathing through the nose really is good for you

 20 January 2020

Flow breath your nose and mouth.Some surprising benefits of and reasons why you should be breathing through your nose.

Foundation of Baptiste Power vinyasa yoga

 5 December 2019

Low Plank poseAn introduction to and explanation of Baptiste Power yoga.

A yoga pose that can benefit everyone—whatever your level

 29 October 2019

Legs up Wall poseThe simplest yoga pose, but one with many more benefits than you might imagine.

How yoga can help your running

 20 October 2019

Running and yogaRunners can benefit significantly from practicing yoga, both in helping your running and in improving your body’s strength and flexibility.

The importance of your breath (prana-life force) as you age

 2 October 2019

Yoga breathingThe vital capacity of our lungs is essential to our health; especially as we get older. The challenge, as we grow older, is not to increase the amount we inhale but to increase the amount we can exhale.

Glossary of terms you might hear in your Yoga class

 10 September 2019

Word cloud of yoga terms in the glossaryHandy answers to questions such as what is “engage your Mula Bandha”, or “lift your sitting bones” and where are they?

Simple advice for those new to Yoga

 7 August 2019

Useful information for those of you who are just starting out on your yoga journey.

International Day of Yoga in Charlton

 31 July 2019

Charlton residents gathered on 21 June to celebrate the 2019 International Day of Yoga. Under welcome sunshine, they spent a blissful hour flowing through a class with only the sound of birds to distract them.