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When practising yoga online on your own, you must take care and be responsible for your own welfare. Only practise within your limits—this may change each time you come onto your mat. It is essential to learn to tune into your body and notice how it is feeling. You should not feel pain at anytime during your practise.

Subscribers' Library

For those who have bought a monthly pass you will have access to the Subscribers’ Library. This includes recorded classes for that month plus some additional classes. Access is through username and password.

Free Classes to Practise

9 July

In this practice we focus on finding softness by releasing deeper into our asanas as we exhale. The practice starts with the Dirga Pranayama complete yogic breath before moving through our flow.

30 June

Starting kneeling in Vajrasana, we open the practice with some Pranayama breathing. We warm the spine up in Bharmanasana to help bring balance in the body and equally stretch out the torso before moving through the normal flow. Included, this week is Eka Pada Rajakapotasana–Pigeon pose to stretch out the deep hip muscles buried beneath the Gluteus Maximus.

18 June

Starting in Sukhasana we open the practice with Nadi Shodhana–Alternate Nostril breathing, and then move into several rounds of Surya Namaskar before flowing through some energising, balancing, strengthening asanas to finish the practice in Savasana

11 June

We start with a pranayama technique in Vajrasana before moving through a dynamic warm-up in Bharmanasana and Adho Mukha Svanasana. We flow through some standing hip openers, challenge our balance in modified Eka Pada Padangusthasana and Virabhadrasana III and find some release in some seated postures. The practice closes with an inversion and Savasana.

9 June

Starting in Balasana we internalise our thoughts before warming up with emphasis on rounding the upper back to allow space to bring our foot through. We then energise ourselves with some standing poses including Ardha Chandrasana to challenge the balance. In sitting we twist and forward bend before we rejuvenate our bodies through an inversion. Another new pose (Clam) was added to bring awareness to those deep abductor muscles of the thigh.

4 June

The practice starts in Eka Pada Kapotasana and finishes in Eka Pada Rajakapotasana. We focus on opening and mobilising the pelvic girdle.

28 May

In this practice, we focus a bit more on core strength, especially the deep abdominal muscles—transverse abdominis and obliques. Building up strength, particularly in these muscles, helps to bring softness to your practice.

26 May

This class focusses on encouraging you to bring your awareness to your sensations. How is YOUR body feeling as you move through your practice?

21 May

The class starts in sukhasana with some pranayama, followed by some gentle torso lengthening and chest opening. In the class we focus on some lower leg strengthening through variations of utkatasana and balancing poses. We finish with a mindful savasana.

19 May

In this practice we focused on linking the breath with your body to enable you open up and release deeper into your asanas. This is the start of allowing you to flow with ease and helping you to keep your mind focused.

14 May

We started by bringing our awareness to the length and depth of our breath. We then moved through some warm-up poses before twisting, opening and finding greater release as we sunk deeper into the asana. The practice ended with a short Savasana.

12 May

We start this class warming up in equal standing, mobilising the spine and pelvis. Moving on through the Sun Salutations before energising you with a Vitality Series. Your mind is focused with two balancing poses before moving onto your mats to work through some restorative asanas.

7 May

This class explores the difference between doing and experiencing. I encourage you to take your awareness to your body, to feel the sensations that arise and engage with the muscles that are ignited as you flow and find stability.

5 May

We started this week with a pranayama technique, then continued to be mindful of our bodies. Focusing on our body alignment, muscle engagement and being aware of any tension we might be holding. The practice ended with a few minutes of total relaxation on our mats.

30 April

A gentle class encouraging the use of the breath to lengthen and mobilise the spine. It ends with a short savasana to find that total submission to your mat.

28 April

This is KTM Yoga's first virtual class. It is a simple flow, moving with your breath through a number of common yoga asanas. It ends with a short savasana to bring mind and body together to help you feel at one.

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