Safety guidelines

Some guidelines for practising yoga safely outside

Your welfare and safety are of upmost importance and I want to ensure I create a safe environment for you to practice in. I hope the following advice and measures I will be taking will do this and help to reduce any anxiety you might have. If you feel more comfortable wearing a facemask, please do.

  • If you or any family members you are living with are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms (see, please do not come to a class.
  • A social distance of at least one metre will be maintained between each student. I will not carry out any physical adjustments during the class as per Government guidelines.
  • Please complete an online health questionnaire before attending a class for the first time and keep me updated of any changes to your health which might be relevant to you practising yoga.
  • You might want to wash or sanitise your hands prior to and after the class; antibacterial gel will be available for anyone to use.
  • Please bring your own mat and any additional equipment you might want to use during the practices, e.g. yoga block(s) and strap.
  • You might want to wear several layers on top so you can adjust your temperature during the class.
  • Please wear clean clothes to the class to help reduce potential transmission.
  • Bring some water to keep yourself hydrated.
  • It’s a good idea to clean your mat and any equipment you bring to the class before and afterwards.
  • Please be mindful before and after a class that you maintain the social distancing rule of at least one metre.
  • Payment for classes should be made online either through credit card or bank transfer to avoid the use of cash.

If you are practising yoga on your own, you must take care and be responsible for your own welfare. Only practise within your limits—this may change each time you come onto your mat. It is essential to learn to tune into your body and notice how it is feeling. You must be true to yourself.


Please complete and sign our waiver form before participating in any of our classes. Remember that if you practise using any videos you must take care and be responsible for your own welfare.

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