Yoga for Runners

Stretch, Strengthen, Stabilise

These classes are aimed at runners who want to have a better awareness of their bodies. You will be encouraged to tune into your body, learning how it feels. You can then use this awareness to adapt your training. The classes focus on seeing the body as a whole at the same time as mobilising and stabilising individual joints. Muscles will be stretched and strengthened to help restore and maintain “NORMAL” ranges of movement. Breath work will be included to help you breathe more efficiently while running.

A regular yoga practice helps to speed up recovery after racing or training, and reduce common injuries caused by repetitive movement patterns and compressional forces experienced during running.

Members of Chichester Runners benefit from a discounted rate.

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Class Schedule

Class–Stretch, Strengthen and Stabilise
Fridays: 17:30–18:15 (Slower Pace)
Fridays: 18:30–19:30 (More Challenging)

Upcoming Live Classes

Stretch, Strengthen and Stabilise
Friday 21 May, 17:30–18:15 (Slower Pace)
Friday 21 May, 18:30–19:30
Friday 28 May, 17:30–18:15 (Slower Pace)
Friday 28 May, 18:30–19:30
Friday 11 June, 17:30–18:15 (Slower Pace)
Friday 11 June, 18:30–19:30
Friday 18 June, 17:30–18:15 (Slower Pace)
Friday 18 June, 18:30–19:30
Friday 25 June, 17:30–18:15 (Slower Pace)
Friday 25 June, 18:30–19:30


These classes are held in the Newell Centre, Tozer Way, Chichester PO19 7LG. There is plenty of parking.

Class Fees

Special rate for Chichester Runners (members only)

May–June Block £20.00 (includes online access to Runners’ Library)
Drop–in: £5.00

Regular rate (Non-members)

May–June Block £45.00 (includes online access to Runners’ Library)
Drop-in: £12.00

When you purchase a block of classes you will also have access to the Runners’ Library. The library contains recordings of Yoga for Runners Zoom classes in 2021.


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Chichester Runners Members

Fri 17:30-18.15
Fri 18:30-19.30


Fri 17:30-18.15
Fri 18:30-19.30


Please complete and sign our waiver form before participating in any online or live classes. Remember if you practise using any videos you must take care and be responsible for your own welfare.

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