I am grateful to those yogis who have taken the time to describe their experiences with KTM Yoga.

Just a line to say what a great session yesterday. I particularly appreciated the emphasis on individual, personal challenge. Not competitive, just about how we want to use the principals of yoga to progress physically and mentally during the practise. I feel that you teach us that any attempt we make is never failure, merely a step along our path to achieving better things. Very inspiring and encouraging. Thank-you
We had a very enjoyable yoga class with you this morning it was really lovely for us to go together and thank you for your patience with us both. I appreciated your time and help in the class and was very excited when you commented on my brilliant warrior II position! You will definitely see us again.
“Katie has inspired me to renew my love of yoga! Health issues and boredom with a previous teacher’s style had made me disinclined to continue my practice. Since joining Katie’s class at the beginning of September in the delightful East Dean Village Hall, I am really enjoying each session—so much so I get up in the mornings and try a few sun salutations and before bed at night I do a few stretches and balances. Katie explains everything so well so that we understand what we should be trying to achieve—even if we don’t quite manage it—we want to keep on trying until it all gets a bit easier. The class is relaxed and very friendly.”
“I highly recommend Katie’s yoga classes and especially her one to one sessions in which I received so much attention I really stretched my edge, and had a proper work out and came away feeling re-invigorated and relaxed. I regularly attend classes at LANO yoga in Chichester so am used to a range of high quality teachers, Katie is definitely worth trying out to see if she suits you.”
“Katie, thank you so much for the yoga class last week. From the very first moment you made me feel completely at ease, even when I didn’t know many of the poses!!!! You really showed me a new way to balance my mind and body, instantly switching me off from my stressful week in London. I am really looking forward to continuing my yoga Journey with you.”